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Double edged Safety razor reviews

All reviews are links to instagram reviews.
Here you will only find a minimal summary on the razors.
For more info, thoughts on both razor and shave,
click on the link, the review will open in a new window.

Products are in Alphabetical order by manufacturer

All razors reviewed with same tech: Cloud blade (mediocre blade) and Baili Blade in older reviews, Imperial lather soap.

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top razors
A razor

Ariana & Evans B1 Lancer Razor

Rating: Medium-Agressive

Overall impression: 7/10

Material: Head is zinc alloy, Handle is aluminium, pin is brass.

Made in China (Design in USA)

Aylsworth Razors Kopparkant brass razor

Rating: Medium-mild

Overall impression: 9/10

Material: Brass

Made in: USA   (Back to top)

Boti Classic razor

Rating: medium-mid -ish.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Material: Zinc alloy

Made in: China   (Back to top)

Dick Johnson Aigusé safety razor

Rating; very mild

Overall impression: 5/10

MAterial: Stainless steel.

Made in: China (probably, does not say)   (Back to top)

Fatip Piccolo closed comb slant razor

Rating: Very agressive

Overall impression: 4/10

Material: Stainless steel, finished in polished nickel

Made in: Italy   (Back to top)

Focus Tritok Concave R52-3

Rating: Madium-mild agressivenes

Overall impression: 8/10

Material: Aluminium

Made in: Italy    (Back to top)

Focus Tritok Flat R51-5

Rating: Between mild and medium-mild

Overall rating 8/10

Material: Aluminium

Made in: Italy   (Back to top)

Gillette super blue safety razor

Rating: Quite agressive

Overall impression: 3/10

Material: Plastic & alloy

Made in: China   (Back to top)

King C Gilette safety Razor

Rating: Medium agressiveness.

Overall impression: 6/10

Material: Chrome plated metal (prob Stainless steel, but not mentioned)

Made in: China   (Back to top)

Ming Shi Shaver 2000 adjustable (A.k.a Yintal adjustable safety razor)

Rating: Adjustable from super mild to super agressive.

Overall Impression: 5,5/10

Material: Zinc alloy

Made in: China

Nõberu of Sweden safety razor

Rating: Between Medium and medium-mild

Overall Impression: 6,5/10

Material: Stainless steel, polished.

Made in: Germany

Rockwell Razors 2C DE safety razor

Rating: Agressiveness depends on used base plate. 

Overall impression: 8/10

Material: Zinc alloy with chrome finish

Made in: China (Designed in Canada)   (Back to top)

Tatara Masamune Open Comb Safety razor (dark edition)

Rating: Between medium and medium-mild

Overall impression: 9,5/10

Material: Stainless steel, coated with Physical Vapour Deposition

Made in: Portugal   (Back to top)


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